RoutePro – Saving Company PMO’s an Average of 8 Hours Per Week!

RoutePro is a tool designed for schedule optimization of onsite project work or maintenance services.  With the ability to quickly regionalize site list of 1,000+ locations your PMO team can save valuable time while producing a professional sophisticated schedule for your internal needs or clients.  
Also, RoutePro can be a great tool during the proposal phase to quickly identify sites in major metropolitan, rural and remote areas.  This information allows your pricing team to provide a much more accurate price estimation during the bid process.  
RoutePro “Smart Routing” technology utilizes Microsoft MapPoint for mapping and route calculations.


This software was designed for a modern PC running Windows XP (or later); Microsoft MapPoint North America 2006 (or later); Microsoft Excel 2003 (or later; 32 bit); and the Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework. The Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework has been a part of Windows Update for a few years but it can also be downloaded for free from:

An Internet connection is also required for the authentication process (see below), but not for the actual route processing.

Level Price  
RoutePro Annual License: 1-5 Users ($250 per month billed annually) $3,000.00 per Year. Select
RoutePro Monthly License: 1-5 Users $350.00 per Month. Select